October 13, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

A Guide to Trick-or-Treating for Divorced Parents

Helpful tips to make trick-or-treating less frightful this year.
Tampa Custody Attorney
October 12, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

Co-Parenting During the School Year: 5 Tips for Success

Life in the immediate aftermath of divorce can be chaotic, not just for you but also for your children. When the back-to-school season arrives, it’s important to work with your family attorney i
October 2, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

Can a Spouse Get Permanent Alimony in a Short-Term Marriage?

In exceptional circumstances, a spouse may get permanent alimony in a short term marriage.
Tampa Custody Attorney
September 5, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

Florida Same-Sex Partner Denied Parental Rights in Child Custody Case

Florida same sex partner denied custody rights.
Tampa military divorce
September 5, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

5 Tips for a Military Divorce

5 tips you should know when facing a military divorce.
Tampa assets
August 31, 2017 MatadorAdmin

Personal Injury Award in a Divorce

Each State has different laws and agreements when it comes to divorce proceedings, especially when dealing with personal injury lawsuits. One thing that is the same with each state is that there is al
Tampa assets
August 26, 2017 MatadorAdmin

How Personal Injury Settlements Can Affect Child Support Payments | The Mckinney Law Group

If you are currently paying child support and just received a personal injury settlement, the settlement received may alter the amount you pay in monthly child support payments. See below for various
Tampa Family Law
August 21, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

The Role of a Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator can be an excellent resource during a family law matter.
Tampa Divorce Lawyer
August 21, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

Minor Child Tax Exemption

Who claims the children on their taxes?
Tampa divorce lawyer
August 20, 2017 MatadorAdmin

Answers to Five Common Questions About Suing for Divorce

A divorce can be difficult for all parties involved. There are many legal issues to tackle, and making even one error can slow down and complicate the entire process. Let’s take a look at five commo
Tampa Custody Attorney
August 14, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

What is Sole Parental Responsibility?

The presumption in Florida is to award shared parental responsibility.
child support lawyer
August 14, 2017 The McKinney Law Group

What Is Considered Income for Child Support Purposes?

What income is used for child support guidelines?

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