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The McKinney Law Group Provides A Civil, Principled Approach To Family Law.

The key to successful resolutions to family law cases is truly understanding our clients’ needs, so we stand by our clients every step of the way. We help our clients make the best legal decisions during some of the most challenging times of their lives.



“Damien was always available and had great advice. He was specific in what he needed from me which really helped as I had never been divorced before…He was able to plan for a myriad of possibilities and best choose, with great accuracy, what the opposing counsel may do. I would hire him again and again.”

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“Mr. McKinney was right on the money with his advice. Trust was an issue for me, and I trusted him. Divorce is such an emotional time, and he seemed to understand that. We went through mediation together, and he advised me on what to do and got me what I wanted in the end.”

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“Damien’s edge is his integrity. He lives it every day from casual conversation to formal court room proceedings…I was surprised (shocked really) to witness that Judges actually “trust” my attorney’s judgement when recommending courses of action on specific elements of our proceedings.”

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“Damien handled my divorce and made it pain free. He is efficient and respected my time as a professional. He was always available when needed and understood the difficulties related to a divorce. He was sympathetic when needed but strong on the items that were important to me.”

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