The McKinney Law Group is dedicated to
giving back to the community.

We have sponsored the following organizations:

Are You Safe is a non-profit Domestic Violence Organization based in Tampa, Florida. Their passion is helping individuals in domestically violent situations. Their website is a gateway for people to learn more about domestic violence, as well as a portal to available domestic violence support resources.

Bay Area Legal Services is a regional, nonprofit public interest law firm providing the highest quality legal counsel by:

  • Assisting individuals and nonprofit groups with limited access to legal services;
  • Resolving the legal problems of our clients; and
  • Preserving the independence, hope, and dignity of those we serve.

Voices for Children of Tampa Bay, Inc. supports the abused, neglected, and abandoned children in our community, while the judicial system searches for a safe and healthy permanent home to place those children.

The Trey Curry Foundation was established by the Curry family to honor their brother and son. Their purpose is to provide financial assistance for children in need in Brandon and its surrounding communities.

The foundation is committed to aiding children who have learning differences and or medical needs. An endowed scholarship has been established in the foundation name at Hillsborough Community College. Additional partnerships are being explored.

The McKinney Law Group has also been affiliated with the following organizations:


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Is Your Ex Not Following Child Custody Orders?

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Pregnancy and Car Accidents: What to Do Afterwards

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