Tampa Custody Attorney
June 8, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Can the Court Dictate my Child’s Religion?

Why the courts leave your child's religious practices off the parenting plan. 

Tampa military divorce
May 27, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Survivor Benefit Plan FAQs

For those serving in the armed forces, a survivor benefit plan is a way of supporting your family. 

child support lawyer
May 25, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

When it Comes Down to the Dollar: Calculating Child Support for Professional Athletes – Part 1

How child support is weighed when parents make varying incomes.

Tampa Divorce
May 23, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

How to Avoid a Lengthy Divorce Battle

No one wants a extensive divorce. These tips will help you avoid that.

Tampa divorce lawyer
May 20, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Top Three Things to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce: Part 1

Avoiding these actions will make your divorce easier.

Tampa assets
May 16, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Can I pay an Equalizing Payment in Installment Payments?

When using other means of distributing marital assets, they must be within reason. 

Tampa assets
March 28, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Is a Settlement From a Lawsuit Considered Marital Property?

Equal distribution of marital assets may not apply to settlement awards. 

Family law Tampa
March 4, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

If my court appointed expert seeks outside (legal) assistance, Am I responsible for their fees?

If you’re getting divorced, read your attorney’s contract carefully.

Tampa assets
March 2, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

What process do courts undertake in determining distribution of certificate of deposits (CD), money market, or savings/checking bank accounts?

If your assets are not properly defined as martial or non-martial, you may end up in court again.  

Tampa military divorce
January 24, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Is Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) included as income for Child Support payment calculations?

Even if the funds are from the government, these funds play a factor in your child support. 

Tampa assets
January 19, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

Things to Consider if You Divorce after You’re 50

How your retirement and social security are effected.

Tampa military divorce
January 18, 2016 The McKinney Law Group

What is the Ten-Year Rule?

It is vital to understand the Ten-Year Rule and how it impacts your pension. 

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