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Experienced family lawyers Tampa FL residents turn to understand that legal issues pertaining to your family can be emotionally draining – and frightening. The The McKinney Law Group has been helping Tampa families for more than a decade. If you are facing legal issues that require the experience of one of the best family lawyers Tampa FL has to offer, call attorney Damien McKinney today.


Tampa family lawyers from The McKinney Law Group understand that when it comes to marriage dissolution, each client has their own unique set of circumstances that can affect how the case should be litigated. Some of the factors which may affect how your divorce proceeding is handled include:

  • Whether it is a no-fault or fault divorce. Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that a spouse does not have to prove there are grounds in order to end their marriage. However, there may be issues that could affect other areas of the divorce process. This can include whether or not there is domestic violence occurring presently, or if it has happened in the past.
  • Whether the divorce is not contested or contested by the other spouse. If both spouses agree on all matters that need to be decided, then the divorce is considered a simple dissolution of marriage. If spouses cannot agree, the process moves into negotiation and possible litigation.
  • Whether mediation is an option for ending your marriage. Mediation is considered collaborative law and allows couples – with the outside help of a mediator – negotiate the terms of their divorce and come to an agreement rather than have it litigated in the courts.
  • Whether you qualify for an annulment instead of a divorce. In some situations, a marriage may qualify for an annulment, which would mean the marriage never existed in the eyes of the law.
  • Whether you or your spouse qualify for a military divorce. If either or both spouses are in the military, there are federal requirements that need to be addressed in addition to the standard state laws.

Some of the issues that may need to be handled during your divorce include property division, division of assets, division of debt, retirement accounts, and spousal support.

Child Custody and Child Support

When parents break up – whether legally married or not – child custody and child support need to be decided by the court. If the couple were married, then in most cases, child custody and support will become part of the divorce process. If couples were not married, then one of the exceptional family lawyers Tampa FL from The McKinney Law Group can file a child custody petition on your behalf.

In both situations, a solid parenting plan needs to be formulated which addresses legal and physical custody of the child. This plan can either be agreed upon between parents and approved by a judge or – just like the divorce process – if parents cannot agree then the judge will make the final determination. The court will also decide how much child support is necessary.

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