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Understanding Child Custody Laws

When you call a child custody attorney Tampa FL provides, you will have the opportunity to ask personal questions and discuss your concerns. In the meantime, it is important to have a general understanding of the relevant laws and litigation. In Florida, the same child custody and visitation laws that apply to a divorcing couple also apply to a couple who were never married but have children together.

The state encourages parents to take an equal share in parental responsibility. This means both parents have the opportunity to make important decisions about their child’s health care, religious upbringing, morals, education, and so forth. Oftentimes, one parent is awarded primary custody and the other receives visitation rights. A child custody attorney in Tampa FL can discuss what may be best for you and your child during your consultation.

If the parents cannot come to an agreement or are imprisoned or institutionalized, the courts might make the decisions on issues regarding child custody. The courts are legally required to consider the best interests of the child by reviewing factors such as:

  • The parents’ moral standards and capabilities
  • The preferences of the child
  • Each parent’s demonstrated ability to take care of the child
  • School records of the child
  • The length of time the child has resided in a stable environment
  • Whether or not abuse was a factor in the divorce
  • Whether or not drugs or alcohol abuse was a factor in the divorce
  • Any other issues deemed relevant by the court regarding child custody decisions

A child custody attorney Tampa FL counts on can let you know what your odds are of gaining custody of your child. In addition, if your spouse has already retained a lawyer, it may be in your best interest to do the same as soon as possible.

Parenting Plans in Florida

The Florida court system requires parents to create and submit a parenting plan if time sharing of the child will occur. If the judge believes the plan supports the best interests of the child, it will likely be approved. Otherwise, the court has the legal right to create a plan on behalf of the parents. This means if parents can agree upon a plan, the entire process might be easier and smoother for all parties involved. A parenting plan usually needs to include:

  • The time sharing schedule
  • How parents will share responsibility for daily tasks
  • A designation of who will be responsible for health care, education, and other activities
  • How parents will communicate with the child or children when they are not in their respective household

A child custody attorney Tampa FL provides can help to create a plan that benefits the children and the parents. If agreements cannot be made, mediation or arbitration might ensue.

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