If both parents agree, can I move out of state with my children?

Moving long distance with children requires more than a mutual verbal agreement. 

In Florida, if a parent wants to move with their children more than 50 miles away, for any period longer than 60 days, he or she must notify the other parent prior to moving.  Even though the non-moving parent may agree to the relocation of the other parent and children, the Court still requires the parents to file a written agreement with the court and that agreement must be approved by the Court.  

Florida Statutes require that the written agreement contain the following: 

    1. both parents’ consent to the relocation; 

    2. the terms of the time-sharing schedule for the non-relocating parent; and

    3. a description, if necessary, of any transportation arrangements regarding the timesharing schedule. 

The Court may also require that the agreement be approved by anyone else with visitation rights to the minor child or children, such as grandparents. 

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