Honest, respectful and well experienced in litigation

Damien, and the team at The McKinney Law Group, helped me through the worst time in my life. After being married for 20 years my husband told me that he wanted to divorce. After meeting multiple local family law attorneys I decided to select Damien to represent me. I chose him because of his extensive experience with court room litigation as I knew my husband would not go down without a fight. The other main reason I chose Damien was because he was honest and looked me in the eyes when we met. I could feel he respected me and what I was going through. During the process he kept me well informed and when it was finally completed, I walked away with everything I had hoped for. It was so comforting knowing that I had made the best decision by selecting Damien to represent me. I recommend Damien to all of my friends and family that have to go through this extremely difficult time in their lives.

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