While a court orders for a spouse to follow the final settlements on child support, alimony, timesharing, etc., judgments are not self-enforcing, and if a spouse refuses to to comply with these orders, post judgement enforcement may be needed to provide the proper funding that was agreed in court. 


Contempt of Court

If enforcement is not enough and a spouse willingly disregards court orders and disrespects law authorities, that party can be found in contempt of court, which can have detrimental penalties.

Post Judgment Enforcement

Even though a dissolution may be finalized, it is possible that past court orders may no longer be applicable, and post judgement modifications can be made. If either party wishes to make changes to the final judgment, there must be a substantial change presented. It should be noted that child support and parenting plans are modifiable, alimony may be more difficult to modify.

Understanding Family Law Appeals

In specific instances, you may be able to appeal your court order to a higher court.  An appeal requires specific examination of your case facts and the law applied to your facts.


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