Post Judgement Modification and Enforcement Tampa FLChange is inevitable and when orders obtained during a divorce need to be altered, it is helpful to seek the guidance of a lawyer familiar with post judgement modification and enforcement Tampa FL residents trust. If you are looking to enforce or modify a previous final judgement of the court, The McKinney Law Group may assist you in evaluating your case and navigate you through the process.

What Changes Can Warrant Modification?

There are several different reasons why a court may look at requests to modify a final judgement after a divorce. When discussing change for custody, a post judgement modification and enforcement Tampa FL lawyer will look at:
· Physical or emotional harm to the child
· Changes in the child’s behavior and or grades
· A substance or physical abuse problem
· Having to move to a new city or state
If you are looking for financial modifications a Tampa post judgement modification and enforcement lawyer may suggest this alteration is warrant by a change in income or job status. If you are unable to provide the required child or spousal support you may need to petition for a change in the court orders.

Types of Modification

The final judgement of the court may be revised upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances. This can be a very stressful burden to overcome and you may want the help of an experienced lawyer who understands post judgement modification and enforcement in Tampa FL. Here are a few modifications that can be presented to the court:

  1. Modification of Alimony: The state of Florida allows most types of alimony modification or termination when there has been an unexpected, involuntary, and substantial change in the circumstances that affects the former spouse’s ability to pay. Also, overtime the party receiving the financial support may have increased needs and can file for modification. There are several circumstances that can contribute to the need of modifying the final judgement. However, not all forms of alimony can be modified and there are several factors the court must consider. A post judgement modification and enforcement Tampa FL lawyer can help you determine whether your case qualifies for modification.
  2. Modification of Child Support: If you are no longer able to pay child support it is vital to petition the court for modification because of the penalties associated with not paying. If you have lost your job or your salary has significantly decreased you are able to request for modification. Speaking with a lawyer who understands post judgement modification and enforcement Tampa FL residents depend on may be in your best interest. The penalties include:
  3. Suspended driver’s license
  4. Wages may be garnished. Meaning the state will contact your employer directly and have them take payments right out of your paycheck.
  5. Being unable to obtain a passport.
  6. Additional fines and penalties may be charged.
  7. A last resort of refusing to pay child support may lead to imprisonment.

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