Military Divorce: What You Need to Know

A marriage in which one or both partners is a member of military is unique in many ways. While most civilians are able to make their marriages and their families a top priority, a military family must always put their country first. This can put stress on a marriage, which can be difficult to overcome. […]

5 Tips for a Military Divorce

5 tips you should know when facing a military divorce.

What Can You Do If Your Soldier Cuts You Off Financially?

What to do if your military spouse no longer provides financial support for your family.

The United States Supreme Court Agrees to Review a Military Retirement Issue in a Divorce Case: What Does This Mean for Your Military Retirement?

How a military divorce case landed at the steps of the Supreme Court.

Can I Keep My Commissary and Exchange Privileges After Divorce?

Which military privileges no longer apply to ex-spouses of service members?

Military Domestic Violence Injunction Remedies

When remedies for military domestic violence are needed, civil & criminal statutes are used to provide relief. 

Are My VA Benefits Marital Property? What About Alimony?

Veteran benefits are protected from creditors, but are they protected against your ex-spouse?

Military Divorce: Can I Keep My Military ID Card?

For non-military spouses, military IDs can be revoked if specific qualifications are not met.

Is My Military Accrued Vacation Time and Sick Leave a Marital Asset?

Military divorces come with additional strings, including what is considered an assets for equitable distribution. 

Is My Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) a Marital Asset?

In any divorce case, retirement funds are fair ground for equitable distribution.

Survivor Benefit Plan FAQs

For those serving in the armed forces, a survivor benefit plan is a way of supporting your family. 

Is Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) included as income for Child Support payment calculations?

Even if the funds are from the government, these funds play a factor in your child support. 

What is the Ten-Year Rule?

It is vital to understand the Ten-Year Rule and how it impacts your pension. 

Is my military pension a marital asset?

Your pensions may be at risk. 

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Digital Spying in Divorce Cases

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Custody of Pets in Divorce

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Holiday Gift Guide for Divorced Parents

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Independent Travel: Fun Places to Go After Your Divorce

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Tips for Moving Out After Divorce

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5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Divorce

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Co-Parenting in the Digital Age

Websites and apps that make co-parenting easier.

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