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Child Support Payments

Both parents have a legal duty to pay child support in Tampa FL, even if the parents are no longer in a relationship. Florida Child Support Guidelines determine how much financial support each parent is obligated to pay. However, the formula that is used to calculate the support amounts is based on the assumption that the correct numbers are inputted. In addition, events can occur and situations change that affect a parent’s ability to contribute to child support. Damien McKinney of The McKinney Law Group understands that sometimes a responsible parent needs help negotiating their child support payments.

Calculation of Child Support Payments

When it comes to monthly payments for child support Tampa FL courts determine that amount based on several factors.

  • The child’s financial needs such as medical insurance and copays.
  • Daycare expenses.
  • Tutor costs.
  • Monthly food and clothing costs for the child.
  • Fees associated with extracurricular activities and equipment such as sports gear.
  • Each parent’s individual income.
  • The number of times on average that the child sleeps at one or the other parent’s house in a given time period. This can greatly affect how Tampa child support Tampa FL judges may rule regarding payment amounts.

Modifying Child Support Payment Amounts

When a couple separates and one moves out, this causes a domino of changes for most people. This is especially true for their individual, as well as shared, finances. If they co-own a house, the person who moves out may have to shoulder the additional financial burden of rent as well as a shared mortgage payment. There will likely be additional utility bills and maintenance costs. During this transitional time, it can be impossible to accurately predict a consistent net income. The McKinney Law Group can petition the court on your behalf so that the payments for child support Tampa FL requires you to pay are fair and you can reasonably expect to meet your obligation.

Child Support Legal Representation

Damien McKinney of The McKinney Law Group understands the importance of supporting family and fulfilling child support requirements. He also understands that a committed and responsible parent sometimes needs legal representation to protect their rights. Unfortunately, your former spouse and the court may not be as understanding and are unwilling to work with you. If you’re faced with the difficult circumstances of a short or long term financial hardship, you may need the help of an experienced lawyer to reduce the child support Tampa FL has dictated that you need to pay. Damien McKinney can review your case at no charge and let you know if he can be of service to you. Contact Damien McKinney of The McKinney Law Group at 813-906-0048 for legal guidance regarding child support Tampa FL residents can trust.