Child Support Lawyer Tampa FL

An experienced child support lawyer Tampa FL residents trust understands that child support can be one of the most contentious family law issues that parents have to address. The McKinney Law Group has successfully represented many clients who were having legal issues surrounding child support, including both clients who were receiving support and paying support.

Who Is Required to Pay Child Support?

A seasoned child support lawyer Tampa FL parents depend on knows that under Florida law, every parent is obligated to provide financial support for their child, whether the child lives in the same home or not. Typically, the parent who receives the support — referred to as the obligee — is the custodial parent. The obligor — the non-custodial parent — is ordered by the court to pay a certain amount of money to the obligee.

The court will set the amount of child support based on the net incomes of both the non-custodial parent and custodial parent. Other factors include the number of nights the child is with each parent, the cost of daycare, and the cost of medical insurance. Once the order is in place, it is under the oversight of the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR). Depending on what the court rules, the obligor parent will either pay the obligee directly or will pay the DOR, which will then send the support to the obligee. It is common for the amount of child support to be automatically deducted from the obligor’s paycheck and sent to the DOR directly.

Child Support Issues

A child support lawyer Tampa FL clients recommend knows that there are several reasons why a client may need his or her services, even after the child support order is issued. One common issue is the need for a child support modification — either an increase or decrease — because circumstances have changed.

Another common situation is when the obligor becomes behind in their payments or refuses to pay. Remedies that the court makes available for nonpayment of support include a jail sentence, suspension of driver’s license, suspension of vehicle registration, suspension of business, occupational, or recreational licenses, tax refund or lottery winnings interception, and bank account seizure.

Let a Child Support Lawyer Tampa FL Provides Help

If you need the services of a skilled child support lawyer in Tampa FL, call the legal team at The McKinney Law Group. Attorney Damien McKinney has focused on family law for more than a decade and has been named a rising star by Super Lawyers every year since 2012. Last year, Attorney McKinney was awarded the Super Lawyers Distinction of Excellence —  an honor given to only 5% of the lawyers in the entire state of Florida. He has also built a substantial reputation for being a skilled Tampa child support lawyer who aggressively fights for his clients.

If you’re struggling with your current child support status, a lawyer may be able to help. Contact a dedicated child support lawyer Tampa FL clients depend on at 813-906-0048 to set an appointment to discuss what your legal options may be.