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Planning Your Estate After a Second Marriage

The combined factors of a high rate of divorce, longer life span, and  a higher amount of people eligible for remarriage result in a record number of second marriages. Before taking the plunge for a second time, you should be aware of some legal concerns: Including Your New Spouse in Your Estate Plan Often there […]

Tampa assets

Personal Injury Award in a Divorce

Each State has different laws and agreements when it comes to divorce proceedings, especially when dealing with personal injury lawsuits. One thing that is the same with each state is that there is always an evaluation of the situation and who should be awarded what. The law usually limits the damages you can receive regarding […]

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Answers to Five Common Questions About Suing for Divorce

A divorce can be difficult for all parties involved. There are many legal issues to tackle, and making even one error can slow down and complicate the entire process. Let’s take a look at five common questions that estranged couples ask during divorce proceedings. Is divorce the same thing as an annulment or legal separation? […]