Can a Chiropractor Help You After a Truck Accident?

Family Lawyer The types of injuries that you can sustain after a truck accident are serious. In fact, if you do not seek medical care after a truck accident, you may find that your injuries that could have been just temporary are now permanent. Even if you are unsure about whether you sustained injuries or […]

Knowing When You Have a Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Lawyer Personal injuries come about when someone has been harmed during an accident caused by another person. This can be straightforward — for example, if a driver runs a red light and hits your car — or more complicated — like you slip and fall on a wet floor in a post office. […]

What Is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Divorce Lawyer Most people want to know how much their personal injury claim is worth. While you might think that you can figure it out based on the average value, that might not be the way to figure out what your settlement is worth. Here is what you need to know about settlement values. Average […]

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How Can a Divorce Case and Personal Injury Case Affect Each Other?

Tampa, FL Divorce Lawyer Going through a divorce is difficult enough as it is. If you’re filing for divorce and a personal injury lawsuit at the same, it can make your situation even more complicated. You want to make sure that you receive enough from the personal injury settlement to live comfortably after your divorce. […]