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Will the judge speak to my children in a custody case?

A child’s testimony may not be necessary. 

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We cannot decide where to send our child to school, what do we do?

Decisions on where your child attends school require a mutual agreement. 


Are marital assets considered in alimony awards?

If you are being awarded alimony, martial assets may not be included. 

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I want to move with my children, how far away can I move?

Relocating your child without permission could lead to serious charges. 

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Common Questions Regarding Family Law – Part II

The frequently asked questions on family law. 

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Common Questions Regarding Family Law – Part I

The most frequently asked questions on custody and timesharing. 

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Was your Child Support Hearing Transcribed?

A recent Florida decision is yet another reminder of how important the transcription of your case may be.

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Relocation of a Minor Child

Take the necessary steps and precautions needed to move your child. 

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Be cautious of social media during a divorce

Social media and divorce do not mix. 

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Middle aged and getting married? Here’s why you need a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements can be created at any age.