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Is it important to have a court reporter present during a custody case?

Historically, many courts paid for the service of a court reporter, however, times have changed and it is often the responsibility of one or both attorneys or law firms to foot the bill if they feel the presence of a court reporter is necessary. So the question has become this- is a court reporter necessary? […]

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Can I Lose Custody in Florida Due to Mental Illness?

In any given year, approximately one in five Americans experience mental illness. Importantly, while destigmatizing mental illness has led to less judgment and a greater understanding of mental health issues, there is plenty of room for improvement. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness or have visited a therapist, the other parent may […]

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Why Wait? Don’t Postpone Your Divorce Until After the Holidays

The holidays are often painted to be a much prettier picture than what they really are. What is often described as a magical season filled with priceless family memories is in reality a very stressful time, particularly for two people who are no longer interested in being married. Rather than sticking it out through just […]

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Do We Have Legal Options If My Child Was Harmed in a Juvenile Detention Center?

Family Lawyer There are few situations more heartbreaking for a parent than learning that your child has suffered harm at the hands of another. Sometimes, there is little to be done in situations like this. But other times, it is possible to hold the responsible party or parties accountable for the suffering a child has […]

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Why a Vocational Evaluation Is an Important Consideration for Florida Divorce

Although a vocational evaluation may sound like a concept solely concerned with job placement, it is actually a form of expert opinion that can greatly benefit your Florida divorce. Specifically, a vocational evaluation can help increase the amount of alimony a spouse receives. What Is a Vocational Evaluation? A vocational evaluation relies on an expert […]

How to Have a Happy Halloween After Your Divorce

Halloween is one of the less stressful holidays to deal with after divorce, because it doesn’t usually involve commitments with extended families or long formal dinners. It’s a fun, carefree and enjoyable holiday — for the young and the young at heart. While it may not be as chaotic as the holiday season in December, […]

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Can Florida Timesharing Orders Be Amended While an Appeal Is Pending?

In a family law appeal case heard by Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal, the court was tasked with deciding a case involving the appellate jurisdiction process of family law proceedings. Legal Overview of Duryea v. Bono In the case of Duryea v. Bono, 2D17-4314, 2D17-4422 (consolidated) (Fla. 2d DCA July 13, 2018), a Florida trial court issued […]

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What Happens When Parents Cannot Agree on a Child’s Education?

In a recent case that was heard by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal, two parents with shared parenting responsibilities could not come to an agreement on where their children should attend school. Parents With Shared Responsibility Could Not Agree on Where Their Children Should Attend School In Lane v. Lane, 43 Fla.L.Weekly D1582 (Fla. […]

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Common Mistakes People Make on Divorce Paperwork

Family Law Lawyer Tampa, FL Divorce comes with a mountain of paperwork. This paperwork can be very tedious and tricky to fill out, especially if you don’t have a legal background. Many people struggle to fill out divorce documents correctly and may make mistakes that prolong the process. That’s why it’s in your best interest […]

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Time to End It? Why Summer is a Good Time to Get Divorced

Many would likely say that there’s no good time to get divorced, but people who are facing the need to dissolve a marriage may find that the summer months are preferable to other seasons throughout the year. After considering these reasons for a summertime divorce, you’ll likely be compelled to contact your Tampa divorce lawyer […]